Wednesday, January 09, 2013

The Birthday Girl

Eleri turned three yesterday! Holy cow. She had a good day, I think. First thing in the morning she got to open a couple of gifts from Soren. (He'd picked out a pony and a pair of race cars for her.) The first thing she said upon opening the bag was, "*gasp* Wow! You got me my own vehicles!" It was pretty adorable. After we dropped Soren off at school, I asked what she wanted to do for the morning, and she just wanted to go back home and hang out. She requested snuggles on the couch and iPod time, which she mostly spent watching videos of her soccer class from the fall.

We picked up Soren from school, returned home for a lunch of mac & cheese, and then met up with A and his mom & brother at Huntley Meadows Park to go for a walk in the woods. Poor El would have been happy as a clam to skip the walk and spend the whole time digging in the dirt of the path, but we did eventually make it all the way around the loop. It was a pretty warm afternoon, for January.

Back home, the kids got a bit of TV time, and then when Tom got home from work, we all went out to dinner at the Silver Diner. The kids both got free (tiny) milkshakes for El's birthday, and the lass beamed while everyone sang to her. Back home once more for the opening of the rest of her gifts, and then it was off to bed. A fine day, all around.

Happy birthday, Ellsabells. Love you tons, my little snugglebug. :)

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