Sunday, February 24, 2013

Year in Review - 2012

Oh, my poor neglected blog. I only made it into double-digit posts per month twice last year. Welp, let's see what I managed to record. (I may have to supplement with stuff from Facebook and Twitter.)

  • Eleri turned two!
  • Chuck wrapped up and aired its last episode. I was fairly annoyed with how they ended things.
  • We got some snow. I took some pretty pictures.
  • I signed Eleri up for a rec center class, where we met some folks who are now really good friends of ours.

  • Ha! Midway through February we finally got around to playing the board game I'd bought Tom for Christmas. (And here I was feeling bad about not having played this year's game yet.) It was a giant failure of a purchase, unfortunately. I'm hoping the one I picked out for 2012 is better.
  • I went to my first Zumba class ever, after months of hemming and hawing and being certain that "Zumba? Eh, it's just really not my thing." Ha! Oh how wrong I was. How very, very wrong.
  • We also started potty training Eleri this month.

  • We ordered the seeds to start for 2012's balcony garden. We were super ambitious. We did in fact manage to start quite a lot of different things, but in the end, we mostly ended up with jalapeno peppers. And dear god, so very many jalapeno peppers.
  • Ellie started a swimming class, and Soren started "Beehive Soccer League" through the rec center. Eleri loved the class at first, but before too long she realized that she had no interest whatsoever in trying to float on her back and would spend half the class really tense in unhappy anticipation of backfloat time and the other half sort of cooperative and sort of mad. But she discovered a deep and abiding love of jumping into the pool. Soren spent a good chunk of his soccer class socializing and looking for ladybugs on the field.
  • I was horseback riding a lot last spring. Lots of beautiful trail rides along the Potomac and whatnot. Fun times.

  • I started making vegan dinners on occasion, this month. I've managed to keep it up, since. Some have been quite tasty (actually, I'd say we've had more successes than failures, on balance). I've been collecting recipes here, on Pinterest.
  • Soren turned four and had his very first birthday party, with his preschool classmates (and a few other non-schoolmates) in attendance. It was a rousing success.
  • Oh! Oh-ho-ho-ho! (I do so enjoy reading back through the past year's worth of blog posts to do these reviews. All those little gems I'd forgotten about.) So, late April was apparently when they began all of the ridiculous garage renovation at our old condo complex. Dear sweet merciful jeebus that was unpleasant. The jackhammering from 8am to 4pm, day after day after day. The months and months and months of complete and utter clusterfuckery in the parking lot, as they reduced the available spaces so significantly we frequently ended up parking all the way across the complex.
  • April was also a month with a lot of illness and vomiting in our house. Yay? Fortunately, we ended the month on a good note with a fun trip into the city for the Science and Engineering Festival.

  • I got to ride Petey the Fancy Trakehner (N's leased horse) out in the woods and over jumps for the first time. Ours was a brief but shining love affair, before he went back to live with his owner again in June.
  • Six years married. :)
  • My cousin Shannon came to stay with us over Memorial Weekend. I'm not gonna lie; we basically planned her visit around what we were going to eat. We had not so much an itinerary as an "eatinerary." And it was fantastic.

  • We started June with a road trip to Ohio for a wedding. Super fun times, and awesome to get to visit with friends from California.
  • Soren's first year of preschool came to an end, and we began a roasty, toasty summer vacation. We ended up at the smoothie place quite a few times over the next few months. Did a lot of going to the spray park and the pool, as well.
  • Mom came to visit at the end of the month. As always, we had a grand time.
  • And, oh yes, I had yet another birthday.

  • Soren got to have a little pony ride on Vanya, my friend N's horse. He was super thrilled.
  • We signed up for the library summer reading program. Soren declared he would read one hundred books over the course of the summer, and by golly, he (we) managed it! We also attended story times and musical programs almost every week.
  • The kids got super into the Olympics. I mean, not that this is surprising or anything. They're the friggin Olympics.
  • I went to the cardiologist's to get checked out for something that didn't end up being a heart problem. Still not clear what the heck it is/was, but it's mostly gone away. Biology is so weird.

  • Oh, it began. We started the great house hunt this month. So. Many. Houses.
  • More Olympics. And Paralympics. Soren was fascinated by Oscar Pistorius. (Oops. So much for him as a role model!)
  • I attended a neat photo workshop in DC, with my friend Carlota. We did low-light photography and wandered around taking cool pictures. It was a lot of fun.

  • Soren started at his new Montessori preschool and has been loving it. Eleri started a soccer class of her very own. The first class, she spent almost the entire hour on the sidelines, sitting in my lap and whimpering. Within two weeks, she was the star student and never looked back.
  • More house hunting. So much house hunting. We actually went through the offer process for the first time this month, but the seller wasn't willing to negotiate with us. Ultimately, I'm glad that house didn't work out. I like the place we ended up buying. ;)

  • Oh presidential election politics. You had been ramping up all autumn but you were really annoying in October. (The debates made me kind of ragey.)
  • Our jalapeno plant went freaking CRAZY and was producing ridiculous quantities of super hot peppers. I made a lot of delicious cheddar/jalapeno bread.
  • Tom took Soren to a D.C. United game. Soren had a great time and from time to time will now chant "D.C. Uni-TED!" apropos of basically nothing. Eleri, hilariously, always shouts "States!" at the end.
  • October was busy! We made an offer on our house and started the whole first time homebuyer process. Which was scary and exciting and scary and exciting.
  • Halloween! The kids dressed up as the Mythbusters. Soren was Adam, El was Jamie. It was awesome.

  • We were supposed to close on the house mid-November, but there were some last minute snags and it ended up getting pushed back by a month. A little annoying, but eh. Gave us more time to get organized I guess. Or something.
  • We had my friend Carlota and her kids over for Thanksgiving this year. I made spanakopita for the first time completely on my own, and I made an enormous batch. They were delicious and they contained 6 kinds of cheese and (did I mention?) were delicious.
  • We got our Christmas tree the next day, as has become our tradition. We set it up indoors for the first time (in past years we've had it out on the balcony) and it was awfully nice.

  • Oh. My. Goodness. December was a crazy blur. We spent it packing and rushing to get ready to move, then closing on the house, then painting at the new house, then moving, then cleaning and painting (and painting, and painting, and painting) at the apartment. All four of us were, at some point or another, sick this month (just colds, but nasty ones), and holy cow, moving while sick is intensely unpleasant. But we did it!
  • First Christmas in our new house. Got a second tree (first one didn't make the move with us), and we got a balsam fir for the first time. For future reference, those are nice trees. We should get another one next year.
  • And yes, let December 31, 2012 be forever marked as the day I finally got Tom to give in and agree to start watching Doctor Who with me. It's a show I have thought for a while would be right up my alley (time-traveling humanoid alien embarks on wacky adventures) but Tom insisted he wasn't interested. Whether it was the New Year's Eve wine or just his general good nature that eventually changed his mind, I'm grateful either way. ;)

There you have it. 2012 in a nutshell. It was a heck of a year, even if I didn't record much of it. Allons-y, 2013!

Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Week Five

A little late getting the photo posted this week (though I did take it on time). Back before we had kids, we had this Shakespearean magnetic poetry set out and up on the refrigerator. Once Soren came along, that no longer seemed like the best idea, having tiny little magnets out that he'd be tempted to eat. So the set has been packed away for quite some time, and we finally got it back out again when we moved. It's up on the washing machine.