Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Two Three tickets to Paradiso

Tonight the kids and I went out to dinner with a friend (whose husband is also out of town this week) and her kids. There's a restaurant just up the road from our place called Paradiso, and we've been meaning to check it out for ages. They have what is perhaps the most brilliant thing ever devised - a fully supervised kids-only dining room. The kiddos are in there with their dinner, a movie and an attendant, and the adults can eat in relative peace and quiet on the other side of a window. So great! The weasels had a fine time eating cheese pockets (ravioli) and visiting with their friends, and K & I had a nice dinner as well. Win!

Monday, April 29, 2013

Start small

Time to dust off this blog, people. Well past time.

Hello! Did you miss me? I missed me. Which sounds odd because I've got myself all the time, but it's still true.

It's too daunting to try and catch up with two months' worth of adventures right away, so I'm starting small. I'll try to write at least a little each day. ("Try" being the operative word, there. But really. I will.) Because I like having a record. I miss it.

Tom left this morning for a week-long business trip out of state. It hasn't really sunk in yet that today is anything other than an ordinary Monday, but we're approaching evening now and I suspect it'll become real fairly soon. He goes out of town for work so rarely that I'm very much not accustomed to doing the whole single parent thing. Especially for a whole week! But we'll manage. Bedtime is about a billion times easier than it was even a year ago, and the kids entertain themselves and each other well enough during the day that I get little breaks now and again. And I'm looking forward to watching a bunch of Doctor Who DVD special features and commentaries and behind-the-scenes things after the weasels go to bed. (Tom is not such a big fan of such things, so I have grand plans to make the most of my TV monopoly this week. Muahaha!)

And now it's time to get dinner started. I promised myself a short post before dinner, and here it is. But now there's risotto to be made.