Thursday, May 09, 2013


Soren's BFF is Star Wars obsessed. Consequently, even though neither or my kids has seen any of the movies, they end up "playing Star Wars" a lot with A. And now they've started occasionally playing it with each other at home. This afternoon I heard Soren informing Eleri that he was a Storm Trooper last time and this time he was going to be Princess Leia, thank you very much. Hehe.

* * *

I'm taking this free Python programming class online right now, through Coursera. Each week we have a mini-project, a little program to write. So far (three weeks in) they've all been under a hundred lines of code. But the focus of the course is on learning to build simple games. Last week it was "Guess the Number" and this week's was a stopwatch game (try to stop the clock exactly on an even second). Anyway. It's fun, and I'm really enjoying learning a new skill.

* * *

Eleri is kind of like Tigger sometimes. She just sproings around, hop-hop-hopping her way from place to place. Tom took her grocery shopping last weekend and said she hopped her way all through the store. She's a silly one. And she's going to have nice strong leg muscles if she keeps this up.

* * *

It's been rainy off and on, this week. But warmer. Basically the perfect springtime weather, as far as I'm concerned. We've had enough dry periods for the kids to play outside at least a little every day (or nearly...I think they may have been stuck inside on Monday), and the warmer temperatures have spurred little bits of thunder & lightning here and there. I like it.

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