Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Social butterflies

We've been able to do a lot of visiting with various folks in the last few months. ML was out in early March, then my mom was here, and my friend Amber from high school was in town at the end of the month. In April I got to hang out in person for the first time with Problem Girl and Stimey, some awesome ladies I've "known" online for quite a few years now. And then my friend Mario from California was in town, so the kids and I got to visit with him (he'd never met Eleri and hadn't seen Soren since we moved).

Memorial weekend we spent a bunch of time with a bunch of folks from Unfogged. Tom's been reading that website for years and years, and I read it off & on as well. It's one of those very rare places online where the comment threads are actually worth reading; it's by and large a community of smart, thoughtful people who have interesting things to say. We've met up with various folks from the blog all over the country, and it's always been a positive experience.

So anyway, Memorial weekend, a bunch of folks were converging on DC for a big get-together, had rented a house for a base of operations. We took the kiddos into the city Friday evening, and they of course charmed everyone in attendance. Soren didn't take long to set up a "beer sale" (he would fetch beers from the fridge and deliver them to his customers in exchange for the bottle caps), and Eleri spent a bunch of time stacking and arranging and counting said bottle caps. On Saturday we met up with some people in the afternoon at the National Gallery and wandered from there to the Hirschorn sculpture garden before heading over to the house for another evening of socializing and amusement. Soren started earning actual tips with his "beer sale" and was super chuffed about the whole thing. We didn't get back home that night until super late, but both kids were incredibly well behaved. It was a really fun couple of days.

We were up almost absurdly early the next morning (actually a perfectly reasonable hour, but it seemed early given our late night) to meet up with yet more friends for breakfast. We went to Best Buns Bakery for breakfast sandwiches and holy freaking cow were they amazing. We ate breakfast at a park, hung out for a few hours and let the kids play, and then went back to Best Buns to pick up more sandwiches for lunch. Definitely need to go there again. Wow.

Anyway, that's just a bit of what we've been up to lately. Now that summer's here, I'm sure the kids and I will be out and about a fair bit, so I should have even more to not write about soon. ;)

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