Friday, June 14, 2013

Third year running

We have gone to pick strawberries at Miller Farms every summer since 2011. This morning was our third trip. I took some pictures! I've taken pictures every time, in fact.

Eleri in 2011


Eleri last year

Yeah, didn't get her face that year. Sorry.

Eleri this morning

Growing up!

Soren in 2011

Soren last year

Soren this morning

In years past, we've gone to the farm in late April or early May. This year we didn't make it up there until the very last day of the "pick your own" season. Between the lateness and the fact that we had a huge wind and rain storm through the region yesterday, I fully expected the fields to be a muddy mess with almost no berries left. Rarely have I been so glad to be wrong! This year's weather was the nicest by far, and our haul was the biggest. We came home with just over 5 lbs of berries, all gathered in just about 25 minutes. Impressive!

After our exhausting labor in the fields, we hit the farm store and got some ice cream. All told, a very fruitful morning! ;)

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