Tuesday, September 03, 2013

First day!

Guess who's officially a big ol' preschooler now!

(Yeah, I didn't actually think that'd be hard to guess.)

By all accounts, the lass had a great first day. She got the grand tour of the classroom, made some friends, played on the playground, and was most excited about doing "the screwdriver work" and the pink tower. She's looking forward to more fun stuff tomorrow. :)

After school, as has become our custom, we went to the Silver Diner for lunch.

Last year

This year

(Lunch is serious business, apparently.)

Anyway! Soren and I had a nice morning of one-on-one time, and it'll be fun to hang out with just him in the mornings all week, though he's excited to start school as well. All good things. :)

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ACJC said...

LOVE the panda shirt, and I enjoy the year-to-year comparison. They've both grown up so much!!