Sunday, September 08, 2013

Soccer season

Eleri had her first soccer class on Wednesday. It's a class for two to three year-olds, and Eleri was easily the oldest and biggest kid there. The coach asked all of the parents at the beginning of class to be actively involved for the first few weeks, "until the kids get used to the routine and get better at following directions and stuff." I stood nearby, but Eleri didn't require any wrangling at all. Turns out there is quite a significant difference in maturity between barely-two and nearly-four. (Shocking!) It's too bad they're strict about the age requirements for these classes; I bet she'd be just fine in the class for four year-olds.


But, no matter. She still had a good time, and I suspect it'll all be just fine. Soren amused himself by running to the verrrrrrry farthest edges of the soccer fields, staying within line of sight but on a very loose rein. He'll be getting his turn to play soon enough. His practices start next Saturday, and then he'll have actual games not long thereafter. Should be fun. :)

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