Monday, September 30, 2013

The family that cosplays together...

Finally! Blogger has been a complete pill and hasn't let me log in. But today - TODAY - I finally finish this post I started almost a month ago.

(They don't look super thrilled here, but I assure you that they were.)

Back at the beginning of September, we went to the Baltimore Comic Con. It was an awesomely nerdy fun time. We all dressed up, even! The kids were the 10th Doctor and Rose Tyler, and Tom & I were Mulder & Scully. If you had told me, back in high school, that someday my hot husband and I were going to take our adorable kids to a comic book convention while dressed up as Mulder & Scully, I would have squealed. And then probably asked for that in writing.

(And, in case you need a visual reference...)

Soren and El have been talking about dressing up as the Doctor and Rose for Halloween since, oh I don't know, May or something like that? Many months. So when the Comic Con showed up on our radar and we started acquiring actual costume components, their excitement kicked into overdrive. Every day for weeks, Soren asked, "How many more days til Comic Con?!" Hehe. At long last, the day arrived. We all got dressed up and drove to Baltimore.

The kids were spinning. The crowds were sizable. The costumes were awesome. All of the nerds were absolutely delighted by Soren & El, and a bunch of people asked to take their pictures. Those two goobers hammed it up for the cameras each and every time, just as you'd expect. Even Tom and I got a few comments on our outfits and were asked for pictures a couple of times. Ha! The highlight of Soren's day was when we found someone dressed up as a Dalek (one of the "bad guys" from Doctor Who). He thought it was the coolest freaking thing ever.


I made a truly unfortunate choice in footwear (some heeled boots) and was limping by the end of the day. Oh, let's be real; I was limping by lunchtime. Hobbled back to the car on blister-covered feet when all was said and done. Whoops. Even so, a fine time was had by all. I'm really glad we went.

Aaaaand on the way home, everybody got to try on my Scully wig. ;)


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