Thursday, October 03, 2013


So, Tom's been off work since about mid-morning Tuesday. I don't really care to go into the details of the government shutdown because I get a little bit grumpy and riled (okay, a lot grumpy and riled). But I will say that, with both kids in school all morning, it has actually been a tiny bit awesome having some unexpected time together. I mean, yes, if this stupidity drags on for weeks and weeks sans income for us, things will start to get very much not awesome. But in the short term, it doesn't hurt to at least try to find the silver lining. We went jogging together yesterday, and this morning he did the school drop-off run (they went early, even, in order to play on the playground before class, much to the kids' delight), while I got the last of the arrangements made for our upcoming California trip. Tomorrow we're meeting friends for coffee and breakfast. He got to come along to Eleri's soccer class yesterday afternoon. It's nice to get to see more of each other.

I mean, I kinda like the guy. ;)

So yes. I do hope Congress manages to extract its collective head from its collective arse very soon. But in the meantime, I'm enjoying the extra time we're getting to spend together.


madre said...

Way to play the Glad Game :)

Tom said...

Back to work tomorrow, it seems. I don't quite follow the logic behind the determination, but I'm told the Pay Our Military Act (which passed the House *unanimously* and the Senate with unanimous consent) applies to my office as well.