Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013, I barely blogged ye

I really hope I can get back on the blogging wagon in 2014. But 2013 was pretty busy, even if I didn't write about it much. Not that I can articulate much of it just now, mind, but it was. I'll do my usual run-down of the year later, promise. For now, anyone who's actually reading this is almost certainly someone I love, so Happy New Year to you, loved one! I hope 2014 treats you awesomely. :)

Saturday, December 07, 2013

Loki is serious about his naps...

...in the most ridiculous ways possible.

Thursday, December 05, 2013

Cold season can bite me

Having both kids in school all morning is kind of a glorious thing. I woke up feeling crappy and horrendously congested, but I got to go drop them off and then camp out on the couch for a couple of hours. I drank tea and watched most of The Second Coming, which is a British miniseries from ten or so years ago (really mini...just 2 episodes long). And because there are only like 20 working actors in the UK, there were a bunch of people in it that I recognized from Doctor Who and other stuff. It was pretty good, I thought.

Eleri lounged around with me (sort of...she's wiggly) in the afternoon until it was time to pick up Soren, and then they mostly entertained each other until dinner time. Definitely a change from the days when they both needed constant monitoring and diapers and whatnot. How nice to actually sort of be able to rest a bit when I'm sick!

It was also weirdly warm today. I'm talking mid to upper 60s. I drove home from fetching El with the car windows rolled down. Turned off the heat and opened up the house! Of course, it's supposed to be rainy and cold again by tomorrow or Saturday. Back to proper wintry weather once again.

Wednesday, December 04, 2013

(sort of) Wordless Wednesday

Click through to check out more pictures of our tree. :)

Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Chicken Salad

New favorite way to make chicken salad:

- Bake some chicken.
- Chop it up.
- Mix it with finely diced onion & bell pepper, guacamole, sour cream, and a splash of lime juice.
- Serve either in a cabbage leaf as a wrap, or over shredded cabbage as a salad.

The only thing is I never seem to make quite enough. NOTE TO SELF: MAKE MORE, NEXT TIME.

Monday, December 02, 2013

The return of Haiku-Tu?

Extra squats tonight
Super brutal Zumba class
My glutes are all, "Ow."

(And that's when I remembered today is actually Monday. Not Tuesday. Oops. Oh well. I'm leaving it.)

Here. Have the first of the promised Christmas tree pictures. Eleri took this one. We'll call it "artfully blurred."

Sunday, December 01, 2013

December is here! Time to ramble a bit.

We walked over to Nalls today and picked up a Christmas tree and a wreath for the front door. One of the employees was driving by on a little cart as we were hauling the tree home and said, "Oh what a perfect family picture that is!" of the four of us walking along all Dickensian-like, Tom and I carrying the tree, Soren carrying the wreath, Eleri holding Tom's other hand. We are kind of nauseatingly cute, sometimes, it turns out.

So now the tree is up and decorated, and the living room smells lovely. I took pictures. I'll put them up somewhere soon.

Aaaaaand that's about as much preparation for Christmas as I've managed so far. I spent the last month focusing on extracting words from my brain and putting them on the tiny laptop for NaNoWriMo. It took the whole month, but I finally finished up yesterday with 50,113 words. Whoo! I've wanted to do the NaNo thing for a long time. I tried last year and flamed out pretty early. So it feels good to have finally completed the challenge. Not that anything much will come of what I've written, of course, but the point is in the doing. Or something. But actually, I'm thrilled to be in a position to have my evenings free again! I don't know that I've watched TV in the evening more than once or twice in the past month. (Tom, meanwhile, plowed through the entire series of Battlestar Galactica on Netflix over the course of like three weeks or something.) It was kind of an odd feeling yesterday afternoon to keep thinking, "Oh geez, I need to be writing...no...wait...no I don't." Hehe.

It's been chilly here lately. Proper sweater weather. So that's nice. Of course, Eleri frequently insists that a tank top would be a perfectly fine choice to wear to school, thank you very much. Heh. Soren, meanwhile, still has a deep and abiding love for pairing his bright orange sweat pants with a red shirt, which is something I find unreasonably galling. My eyes! My eyes, I say! (I know. It's not really that big a deal. And aside from these two points, on which I am pretty unwilling to budge, I generally let them both wear whatever the heck they like. Just to be clear.) I mean, I'm no paragon of fashion and do not exactly have a lot of room to talk. Still. Red and orange. Come on now.

All right. That's enough for now. Christmas tree photos soon. :)