Wednesday, January 01, 2014

2013 in iPod pictures...

...of me!

(Because I refuse to call them "selfies." Mah lawn...remove yourself from it, please.)

Yeah, this is a pretty self-indulgent way to kick off the new year, but where better to be completely self-indulgent than on my own blog? Anyway. Here goes.

Jan - Silliness with Eleri
Feb - Sporting the TARDIS shirt I had printed
Mar - Intimidated by the wild panther hanging out on the computer desk
Apr - Leo is a ridiculous cat
May - Headless! But dressed up to go to the Marine Band thing
Jun - (actually photo from the end of May; didn't take any of myself in June) Up late writing Python code, with stress hair
Jul - Fauxhawk at the library
Aug - Further Leo ridiculousness
Sep - Scully cosplay!
Oct - Engirlified for my cousin's wedding
Nov - Wearing my crazy backup glasses after I broke my regular ones
Dec - Risking a mauling for the sake of humor...and maaaaaybe channeling my mother just a tiny bit ;)

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