Friday, January 24, 2014

All HP all the time

Tom started reading the first Harry Potter book to the kiddos a few weeks before Christmas. Soren has since blazed through the first four books (and re-read big chunks of, if not all of, the first three). We got the box set of the movies for Christmas, so the kids have seen the first four of those, as well. Basically, there's been some very intense wizarding immersion around here lately.

Naturally, a lot of their games have been revolving around the HP universe as well. There has been a fair bit of backyard quidditch. Eleri got a wand for her birthday, and they've both been playing a ton with that.

What's hilarious is when Soren makes up spells. One that had Tom & me rolling the other day was "Oscallus pistorius!" which Soren claimed would make a mechanical hand spring out of the end of the wand to grab a thing. There have also, predictably, been many, many cries of "Expelliarmus!" and "Expecto patronum!"

Ahhh, it's fun to have little nerds.

Unfortunately, er, I don't think either of us expected them to make such rapid progress through the books. Soren is now at the cusp of where the series starts to get really dark and, um, maybe not completely appropriate for the 4-6 y.o. set. So that's a little tricky. Fortunately, they both seem to be perfectly content to revisit the first few books, for now.

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