Sunday, January 05, 2014

Don't call 'em resolutions

I have made some goals for the new year. I don't think they're too outlandish.

1. Take one photo per day that I like.
It's long past time to get back behind the lens. I'm not setting a specific themed challenge or anything, but if I can start practicing again and at least take one decent(ish) photo per day, I'll be quite pleased.

2. Read at least one ("real") book per month.
I read a ton in 2013. Seriously. A lot.

(of Doctor Who fanfiction...ahem)

Fanfic does not have the best reputation as far as quality is concerned, but there honestly are a not unsubstantial number of decent writers out there in the various fandoms. It's a major creative outlet for a lot of people, and I have read tons of stuff I've really enjoyed.


It's maybe time to cut back a little and reinvest some time and energy into more general literature. Nonfiction stuff, too. (I can't remember the last nonfiction book I finished.) So this year, I'm giving myself the conservative goal of one book per month, at a minimum. I think I'll be able to manage that and still get more than enough of a fic fix.

This month I've started something called Cocaine Blues. I'm not sure yet if I like it, but I'm at least going to power through and finish it.

3. Write here at least 3x/week.
A return to daily blogging has been my goal off & on for many, many months. Invariably, I do all right and keep up with it for a week or so, and then I skip a day, and then I don't write anything for a month. So again with the conservative goal. Surely I can manage three posts a week, even if they're short ones.

I've got some other things I'd like to accomplish this year, but nothing I'm ready to really commit to, just yet. I think these three goals are good for a start.


Carrie Ann said...

I understand the desire you have and applaud it! I love reading your posts and will check this space:)

susan said...

I'll do my best to keep up with it. :)