Tuesday, January 21, 2014


I need to call for a pass on this past week. I know, I know, it's terribly early in the year to be slacking, but there's a reason I didn't call them resolutions, you see. It's because I know me, and I know how easy it is for me to fall behind on something and then go, "Welp! Streak broken. Failboat. Better luck next year." This past week, though, not to be a whiner, but it was kind of a doozy. Busy mornings Monday through Wednesday. Wednesday afternoon Eleri had her first ballet and tap class at the rec center (which she loved) and then Wednesday evening I went to the barn. Wednesday *night* is when the real fun began.

The kids had been coughing kind of off and on for a few days, but Wednesday Eleri coughed nearly all night. She was a sad little rabbit, and I ended up keeping her home from school not only Thursday but Friday as well. Sadly, by Thursday evening I was also feeling crummy, and by Friday Tom had joined the party as well. Yaaaaaaay 75% of the household down for the count. It was a snot-filled weekend, punctuated by sneezing fits and the ever-present sound of hacking. Really, really delightful.

I can't remember if I've mentioned it before and I'm not going to go back and check at this moment, but this month I'm participating in this writers' workshop thing with some people online. My writing partner for this past week and I hit it off quite well, and the time that I haven't spent wiping noses and reminding people to cough into their elbows, I've been exchanging writing samples and working on polishing prose. Which has been a lot of fun! But it's kept me from blogging as much as I'd planned. (Or, you know, at all, in the last seven days.) Not that that's much of an excuse. It's not as though I can't do both, especially since what I write here is generally pretty short anymore. I'll make more of an effort to pop by and fling a post up every couple of days this next week.

(Also to pick up my camera again, because...yeah, that goal is also most emphatically not being met.)

Anyway. Giving myself a pass on the last week, reinvesting for next week. Onwards!


Carrie Ann said...

Sue the writing and on-line classes sound like so much fun! Not to mention riding and ballet-tap for Eleri! Will you be able to post excerpts from your writing? I hope the fam is all better now after the outbreak? I am home early from work with a small bug and look forward to the weekend with a jigsaw puzzle.

susan said...

We're all mostly on the mend, thank goodness! Man, that cough is a lingering one, though. I'll see about trying to dig up some writing that is sufficiently broadly appealing. :) Hope you feel better soon!