Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Shill. baby, shill

Yaaaaaaaay outdated cultural reference...

I just wanted to take a moment to talk about a few websites that I've found useful particularly of late.

Free college courses online. Allow me to repeat.

Free. College. Courses. Online!

And not lame ones, either. Cool ones. I've taken a Python programming course from Rice and a Calculus course from Ohio State. I started (but decided to bail on) a mobile app development course from the University of London. Now, it's not as though you can earn an actual degree or anything. Money is still typically required for something like that. But for people who just want to learn something new for the heck of it? Awesomesauce. Interested in art? Science? History? Literature? Music? Film? They've got you covered. And then some! (Mom! There's a class called Music of the Beatles!) Seriously, Coursera is pretty great.

Remember how I said I took a Python programming course through Coursera? Well, I was hoping to continue my CS studies a bit, but there weren't any upcoming classes that seemed interesting. Enter Codecademy. They have a bunch of tutorials for web programming languages, and they're set up in a pretty user friendly way. I blazed my way through the HTML/CSS lessons (great review, and I even learned some new CSS while I was at it), and now I'm working on Javascript. Sweet!

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