Tuesday, January 07, 2014

This week in photos

Jan 1: My friend C is teaching me how to knit. My first "real" project was a hat for Soren. It has kitty ears and is adorable. I'll get a picture of the finished product soon, but this was a photo I took of the work in progress.

Jan 2: We went to the Lee Rec Center playground for the first time in a while, and when we got there, we discovered they had built another play area. The kids were pretty excited. It was really cold that day (started snowing/sleeting on us eventually, and we fled for home).

Jan 3: Snow day! We actually got a fair bit of snow. That bottom photo is Soren playing quidditch. (He's been reading the Harry Potter books and is super into all things wizard right now.)

Jan 4: The tail end of winter break is a terrible time to get sick. Poor girlo. I really hoped she'd be better by the first day back to school, but not so much.

Jan 5: Getting slightly more ambitious with knitting project number two. This is eventually going to be a wrist warmer. (And then I'll make a second one, as these things tend to come in pairs.)

Jan 6: Not a lot to say about these. Cute things on the couch.

Jan 7: I went into the kitchen this afternoon and discovered that someone had been decorating. Two someones, in fact. Heh. They took all of the ornaments off their tiny trees and hung them off every cupboard and drawer pull they could reach.

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