Thursday, January 09, 2014

What day is it, again?

This week has been weird. Monday, school started up again, but only Soren went, because El was under the weather. Tuesday, both kids were home because we had a "Polar Vortex" and it was buck-ass cold and all of the schools were closed. (Side note: I find it really interesting how different regions of the country deal with inclement weather. We've already had - I think - three snow days this season, for what has really amounted to not all that much actual snowfall and very little in the way of ice on the roads. Meanwhile, in New Hampshire, they can have 3 feet of snow on the ground, and schools are never closed. But they are equipped to deal with it there because it is so much more commonplace, and we are not. Anyway.) Wednesday - which I'm pretty sure was yesterday? - was Eleri's birthday, and she was finally well enough to go back to school. Huzzah! I got to do my usual Wednesday morning thing of exercising with my friend K and going to Trader Joe's all by myself. Today, I'm fairly certain it's Thursday, and again, both kids were at school. Okay, writing it all out like that makes it very obvious which day is what, but for whatever reason, the snow day on Tuesday and El's birthday yesterday (which sort of felt like a weekend with all of the festivities) have had me convinced - convinced! - at multiple points today that it's actually Monday. So it's been weird and confusing to repeatedly remember that, no, it is actually Thursday.

Okay. This has been way less interesting than it seemed at first, in my head. I think perhaps I had better just hit Publish and go to sleep.

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