Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Goal Fail (uh, again)

So, uh, yeah. I was going to try to read a book a month. And let's be real, I'll probably still average at least a book a month over the course of the year. But I made it a whopping 25% of the way through January's book (according to the Kindle app on my iPod). It just wasn't all that riveting. I didn't exactly read a ton of fanfiction last month either (did a lot more writing than reading), so there's that. Or something. Anyway, possibly I will come back to Cocaine Blues later in the year. Possibly not. We'll see.

On Saturday I went ahead and started one of the books I've got checked out from the library. Cloud Atlas was touted by someone online as "the sort of book for people who like Doctor Who." Well. I am precisely that sort of person, so I went ahead and picked it up. I'm through the first chapter, and though I'm not quite sure yet about the whole Whovian-appreciation claim, it's not a bad yarn thus far.

I have also failed miserably on the photo-a-day front. I made it a week! Whoo! Reinvested aaaaaaand then crapped right back out again. In a minute I'll go through my camera's memory card and see what's actually on there and put it up in a post. I did also snag a cool photography book from the library, so if I ever actually get around to cracking that, I might have some renewed inspiration or something.

All right. Enough beating myself up holding myself accountable to my own goals. For now. Onward!

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