Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Uh, here are the other 7 photos I took in January

Jan 8: I was in kind of a hurry and took a craptacular photo of El's fantabulous birthday cupcakes (magenta frosting with sparkly sprinkles, yo...she was over the freaking moon). At the time, I said to myself, "Welp. This will just be a cropping/processing challenge. Surely I can figure out some way for this craptacular photo to look decent." Um. Not so much. But yay cupcakes!

Jan 10: Lights inside, lights outside. It is neither high art nor high concept. But it is kinda pretty, maybe.

(also) Jan 10: Sleeping Leo on a hairy blanket.

Jan 11: Now, before you recoil in horror that we would treat a book so terribly, consider this. Between the two of us (okay, mostly Tom), we have literally read this book apart. Seriously. I can pretty reliably tell when Tom's stressed out with work (or, previously, grad school) because this book will be in his hands.

Jan 12: Behold, the majestic Leo. Whose eye boogers I painstakingly cloned out.

Jan 31: Um yes. There is something of a gap there, date-wise. Whoops. Anyway. The top photo amuses the hell out of me because it makes it incredibly clear that we live on the side of the street that gets the morning sun in our front yard. And this time of year, there are a lot of morning clouds and not so much of the morning sun. We still had snow covering our whole lawn for days after the snow on the other side of the street had melted away. Go figure.

Bottom photo is the snow fort that Soren & Eleri built with the neighbor kids. They were very proud of it. And despite several days in a row of not-freezing temperatures, it's still hanging on out there in the yard. Hah. Way to go, kiddos.

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