Thursday, June 12, 2014

Barn day!

Since the Thursday TKD class starts at the same time that I'm usually heading out to the barn, we made today a pony rides kind of day. The kiddos helped me groom Vanya and fed him tons of carrots. Then I exercised him on the longe line, and then they each got to take a turn riding at the walk.

Vanya is such a good sport, and it was pretty clear he enjoyed all of the attention (and snacks). The kids were mostly well-behaved. Sometimes it's hard to keep the enthusiasm under control, but they were good about taking it down a notch when reminded.

It started raining hard while we were driving home, so our timing was pretty good! But it also nixed our original plan to go to the pool in the afternoon. Oh well. There will be many more opportunities I'm sure.

Evening TKD was good. Both kids have of course already made friends. Soren and his buddy of the day were separated for talking too much (my shocked face, let me show you it), and Eleri was holding hands with her new friend by the end of class (again, shocking). I'm glad they're enjoying it, though. :)

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