Saturday, June 14, 2014

Sorry, it's a two-fer tonight

I didn't get around to posting yesterday, and today's would have been like 2 lines long, so I'm combining them.

Friday, during the school year, is typically Coffee Shop Day. I've got a small group of moms I tend to hang with once a week at Grounded, and while it's a bit less calm and relaxing with all of the kids in tow, it's still nice to get together. So we did that, yesterday morning. We went over to the rec center afterward to let the kids run around. It was a muggy day, and they were pretty quickly sweaty, but it wasn't too bad in the shade. We came home, had lunch, did language time, and generally laid low til TKD time, though there was a huge (but brief) thunderstorm in the middle of the afternoon. I ran outside for less than a minute to pull a couple of plants under cover and came back into the house soaked. My shoes didn't dry until the next morning! Crazy.

Today there was TKD in the morning, so Tom got to come along. The kids were pretty excited to show off for him. The rest of the day was spent mostly lazing and watching World Cup soccer, though I did do a major clean-and-organize of our bathroom upstairs. (It had been bugging me for a while.) Delicious carne asada tacos for dinner and more soccer rounded out our evening. :)

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