Thursday, June 12, 2014

This week's new park: Clemyjontri

One of my goals for the summer is to check out one new park or playground per week. I think some weeks we may fudge this rule a bit to include parks we've been to before, but not for quite a while. This week though was a brand new one, and one I've been meaning to go visit for about 3 years now - Clemyjontri Park.

It's kind of magnificent-looking, nu?

Anyway, we met up with some friends there yesterday morning. The kids all ran around in a little pack of four most of the time, climbing on all of the little things there were to climb on. It was pretty adorable.

With friends at Clemyjontri Park

With friends at Clemyjontri Park

With friends at Clemyjontri Park

It had been storming off and on earlier that morning, so the park (which is quite popular and often extremely crowded) was not too busy. And with a bit of a breeze early on, it wasn't terribly unpleasant out, even though it was muggy. A couple of hours later, though, it was rather a bit warmer, so everyone was ready to pack it in and call it a day.

Tire swingin'

But not before lunch and a trip on the carousel, of course. ;)

Carousel girl

The verdict? I really wish I'd gotten my act together and come out to this park a year or two ago. It was cool, but the majority of the play structures and things seemed geared toward younger kids. There's also not a ton of shade, and once the sun comes out in full force, that rubberized play surface heats up like a mofo and just radiates the warmth back up. So it was neat, and the kids had a good time, but it's also a good 25-minute trek (without traffic), so not likely to be a place we return to often.

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