Sunday, June 22, 2014

Whole week at once!

Man, it's easy to fall off the blogging wagon if I skip a day. Hah. Let's get caught up.

As I think I mentioned before, something we're doing as a family this summer is keeping daily journals. Tom and I both have little notebooks, and the kids each have a big notebook, with space for a sentence and a drawing on each page. We haven't set any requirements beyond "do an entry every day" - kids can write about something they did, can make up a story, whatever. Eleri really took this flexibility to heart with her entry yesterday.

"this is A volcAno."

Most of the time, though, their entries have been variations on a theme.

Tae kwon do: our daily activity since school let out. They have really, really enjoyed it. And I'm not kidding; 11 of the last 13 journal entries have been about going to tae kwon do, with accompanying pictures of kicks, punches, jumping jacks, et cetera. We'll probably try to pick it back up in the fall, join up for real and let the kids start working their way toward belts and things. (At this particular studio, they can start doing actual belt testing at age 8, but before then, they earn striped belts based on attendance.) Anyway. It's great exercise and good reinforcement of self-control and discipline and all of that. I'm definitely on board with pursuing it further.

But back to the recap. The reason I mentioned the overwhelming presence of TKD in the kids' journal entries is that one of the two non-TKD entries came as a result of our Monday and Tuesday evening activity. I bought tickets for a special 2-night screening thing. Monday night, Soren and I went to watch the Doctor Who episodes "Rise of the Cybermen" and "Age of Steel."

D! on the left is for "Doctor" and C! on the right is for "Cyberman"

The little dude was so excited. Doctor Who on the big screen! Date night with Mommy! It was super loud and kind of too intense in places as a result, but he loved it. All week afterward, he's been telling anyone who will listen all about it. Hehe.

Oh yes, and I guess the US won their soccer game that night, too. ;)

Tuesday night it was El's turn. The second night they were showing a nature documentary called "Wings 3D" (narrated by David Tennant, who played the Tenth Doctor, so there's your tie-in, fishbulb).

"I went to the Wings movie."

El's drawing requires a bit more explanation. The documentary followed a bunch of different migratory birds. It was all shot in 3D, and some of the footage was even captured from cameras strapped to the birds themselves. It was quite pretty and really neat overall, but there was one scene wherein we were watching African Cranes get a free dinner. Basically, they hung out by a bunch of seals, and when the seal pups ventured away from shore out into Great White Shark-infested waters, the birds would follow the pups out know...pick up whatever the sharks left behind. It was gory. I mean, that's nature, I get it, but the scene went on a bit too long and really, apparently, stuck in Eleri's mind. She's drawn herself in the theater on the left and a shark with its big teeth on the screen on the right. Poor kiddo. Overall though, she had a good time, too. She was wiggly for the first third or so of the movie (fortunately there were only about 8 of us in the whole theater), but after that I pulled her up on my lap and we snuggled for the rest of it.

Wednesday morning we went to the indoor trampoline park with some friends. Both kids discovered the dodgeball courts and had a grand time bouncing and throwing balls around. Wednesday night we had a crazy intense thunderstorm in the middle of the night. Woke Tom & me from a dead sleep at midnight, rained so hard we couldn't see across the street, huge crashes of thunder and super-bright flashes of lightning. Lots of wind, too (I think Tom said they registered 78 mph at the airport). There were a lot of branches down in the morning, and one of our tomato plants got snapped clean in half. Bummer.

Thursday we went back to the barn, though I left my iPod in the car, so I didn't get any photos this time. Soren got to hold the reins this time though and practice steering. He thought this was super awesome.

Friday we hit the coffee shop in the morning, then came home to do some cleaning in preparation for my mom's visit!

Yesterday was a crazy busy day. TKD class in the morning, followed immediately by grocery shopping and Chipotle pickup. When we got home, I had time to eat just a little bit of food before I had to get ready to go out again. It was the Alexandria Food & Wine Festival, and every year for the past 3, the studio where I take zumba classes has done a zumba demo at the festival, so I said I'd come participate. The first two years it was really, really, unpleasantly hot! But yesterday was an unseasonably cool, overcast, kind of drizzly (if still rather humid) day. Perfect! It was a ton of fun. There was a Latin band playing before it was our turn, and they were actually covering some of the songs we do in class, so a bunch of us were dancing in front of the stage before the demo had actually even begun. The demo itself went really well, too. :)

When I got home, Tom and the kids had done a bunch of cleaning. I had the rest of my lunch and a shower, then helped finish up the last couple of rooms. As stressful as cleaning for guests can be, it really does feel awfully nice afterward when the house looks better than it has in weeks. ;) Hehe. Mom's flight was supposed to get in at 7pm, but delays in Chicago meant she didn't actually get here til almost 9:00. Soren was super duper unhappy about not getting to come with me to the airport to get her (even more upset due to the fact that he was completely exhausted), but both kids dozed for a bit and then woke up again after we got home, so they got to have some welcome snuggles after all.

Remember Eleri's journal entry from yesterday? The volcano? No idea what that was about. Here's Soren's.

Today, Mom got to come see the kids' last TKD class in the morning. The three of them have been playing extraordinarily quiet games all day long. It's been kind of glorious. Delicious BGR for lunch, and we've got a pork roast marinating for dinner. More soccer is on tap tonight (USA! USA! USA!). And! It's stayed cooler than usual today. All in all, a pretty excellent week. The next one promises to be pretty freaking awesome as well. :)

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