Sunday, September 28, 2014

Photo Backlog Project (PBP): December, 2012

Let us hop into our way-back machine...

...back to Christmastime a couple of years ago. The kids and I had gone to the playground at the rec center to try and take Christmas card photos. You may remember the finished product from that year.

D'awww. Look at them. Cute little beastlings.

Anyway, there were quite a lot of other photos that didn't make the cut but were actually pretty decent pictures, and I've finally gotten around to going through them.

We gave the elf hats a solid try, but they were a little big and just kept slipping off.

"Mommy, can't you put the camera away and just let us plaaaaaay?"

Spider-Boy and a little elfin watcher

Some people understood the concept of "stand behind the tree and peek around" better than others. ;)
(In her defense, she wasn't even 3 years old yet. Hehe.)

Eleri has always been the queen of the "resting b-face."

"No more pictures!"

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Amy said...

LOL that is quite the resting b-face! I've been told I have a pretty good one too...we should have an auntie-niece b-faceoff.