Saturday, January 02, 2016


This afternoon, the kids and I made our (mumble-mumble)teenth trip to the library since school let out. Returned a heap of books, checked out a heap more. Started reading before we even got out the door. ;)
We picked up lunch and went to the post office, where they also sat and read while I mailed some packages. Then we went to Barnes & Noble for... more books! (They each got B&N gift cards for Christmas, and I'd said we could go spend them this weekend.)

Both picked up Diary of a Wimpy Kid books from the library, and Soren also got Gregor the Overlander. Eleri got a Rainbow Magic Fairies book and a couple of picture books. Soren's purchases were a Minecraft how-to book and an origami kit (he has been super into the Origami Yoda series lately), and Eleri bought two Frozen-related books and a novelization of one of the My Little Pony movies.

I expect all of this will last them exactly... three days, give or take. ;)

For my part, I checked out Bloodhound by Tamora Pierce and Partials by Dan Wells, and I picked up the next of the Patrick O'Brian books for Tom.

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