Friday, January 22, 2016

Finally on the mend

Man, that was a hell of a cold. I am not at all sorry to be on the upswing again. Good riddance to the cough and the snot and the lack of ability to sleep soundly. Next week: first gym trip of 2016!

Er, if I can get there through the snow drifts, of course.

So, it started snowing this afternoon. We're projected to get quite a lot of it, with a blizzard warning in effect starting about 5 hours from now. Whee. The kids are, of course, delighted. They have grand plans for shoveling and snowman-building tomorrow, and they'll have plenty to work with. (There's probably a good 6-8" out there already, with more falling all the time.) I'm really, really, really hoping we don't lose power, not least because...


*deep breaths*

Yes, yes, furnace and hot water and cooking and stuff. All of that.

(But also X-Files.)

Anyway. Yay for feeling better. Yay for snow (as long as it doesn't cause major problems). Yay for the return of my favorite TV show of all time.

Oh! I missed a few days of blogging, but I went to the barn on Wednesday for the first time since the end of summer. It was quite cold, and I was still in the process of feeling better, and I'm pretty out of shape/practice, so I took it fairly easy. But it was still nice to get out there and see Vanya and put my butt in the saddle again. (Even if it meant said butt was somewhat sore the next day.) ;)

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