Friday, January 01, 2016

Fresh starts and best intentions

This is probably a fool's errand, returning to an endeavor abandoned over a year ago. But yesterday afternoon, I was sitting with Soren and Eleri, recounting a story from several years back. "Hang on," I told them. "I blogged about this. Let me pull up the post." So I did, and I read it to them, and they laughed and laughed and asked for more stories. We probably spent a good twenty minutes going through old posts, reliving happy and silly memories from their baby and toddler years.

Facebook is all well and good, for keeping in touch and sharing the little day-to-day things. Twitter is fine, too (when I remember to actually use it). And maybe I won't end up putting more than Facebook-length posts up here anyway. But reading through the archives reminded me how nice it is to have a record. A proper one.

We spent last night with our neighbors, laughing and visiting and staying up way, way too late, ringing in the New Year. Today has been appropriately mellow as a result, with lots of reading (Soren & me), Dragon Boxing (Soren & Eleri), and Kerballing (Tom). We've got a couple of days left of winter break, and then it's back to our regularly-scheduled programming. I'll do the best I can to make sure that writing here again is on the agenda.

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