Sunday, January 10, 2016

Well fed weekend

Last night, Tom made a tasty seafood soup for dinner. Among the contents were steamer clams, which were a little tough for the kids to navigate, but they ended up doing all right. Soren, of course, decided that the clam shells were beautiful and that he wanted some for his rock (and shell) collection, so we saved some and cleaned them up and let the kids each pick one to keep.

Making their selections

I thought this one looked a little like a dog wearing sunglasses

Tonight, we had spatchcock roasted chicken and vegetables with a sunflower seed risotto. Tom found this recipe toward the end of last week, and it was too intriguing not to try. Basically, yes, you make a risotto out of sunflower seeds instead of rice. It was a fair bit of work (you have to soak the seeds overnight, then blend up half of them, saute the other half with onions and garlic, boil off the extra water, then mix everything together) and probably not necessarily worth bothering with again, but it was interesting and tasted good.

For my own part, I made a vegan "cheezy" sauce to pour over peas and sauteed spinach for my lunch today. It consisted of nutritional yeast, flour, garlic & onion powders, some turmeric, vegetable broth, and mustard. I wouldn't say it necessarily tasted especially like cheese, but it was good. I'm glad I have leftovers to try with some other stuff later this week.

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