Tuesday, March 22, 2016

What We Did on our Spring Break - Day 2

I forgot, at least three times today, that it was only Tuesday and not yet Wednesday. We're only on day 2, and already I feel like we've been at this longer than we have. ;)

It's not as bad as all that, though. Today, Tom had an off-site meeting that required him to meet a carpool at the mall a couple of miles from our house at o-dark-thirty this morning. The most sensible option was for him to drive the car there and for the kids and I to walk over and pick it up later, so that's what we did.

(Actually, since you can walk a route that's a lot shorter than the way you have to go to drive there, it was only about a mile and a quarter. But still more sensible for us to walk it later in the day than for Tom to have to do so in the dark, in his work clothes. Anyway.)

It was about ten degrees warmer today than yesterday, so, perfect walking weather. Everything is looking super lovely and springlike right now, too.

So we had our walk, had some lunch, had some sorbet after lunch just because, and then we picked up the car and met some friends at the kids' school so they could all play on the playground. Enjoy that weather! Run the children ragged! Spring Break! In the car on the way there, Eleri made a funny comment out of the blue, so after we got to the school and said hi to the friends and everyone was off playing, I tried to put the comment on her Twitter feed. Except that Twitter hiccuped while it was posting, and when I went back to retry, it switched back to my account (which I only noticed moments too late), and her tweet was attributed to me instead.

Yeah, you know... it's funny when a six year-old says, "There are lots of places in my mouth where you can see my tongue." When an almost 35 year-old says it... that's just weird. ;)

After a good hour and a half on the playground, we made a grocery run, then did some bike riding with the neighbors for more outdoor enjoyment. I made a damn fine potato-cheese-bacon-corn soup for dinner, and then the whole family went out yet again for another walk afterward, to enjoy the lovely evening and the beautiful full moon. We are definitely kicking Spring Break's ass so far. :)

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