Tuesday, June 28, 2016

T-minus Three Days

The second-to-last week of school: "Okay, next week I'm going to get down to business getting stuff packed for Italy!"

Last day of school: "Augh! Running around like a lunatic trying to be SuperMom and have art supplies bought and brownies made and Kindles charged and ready to go for when the kids get home two hours early! Wait...there was something I was supposed to do this week..."

First day of summer break (also my birthday): "Okay! For real! Packing this weekend! Whoo!"

This past weekend: *gets sidetracked by painting and gardening and knitting and reading and stuff*

Yesterday: "A LIST! I NOW HAVE A LIST! Oh geez, there are a lot of things on this list..."

Today: *finally starts actually putting kids' clothes into their suitcase*


I am nothing if not consistent in my packing procrastination. But! While I have been not putting stuff in bags, I have been taking care of lots of other details. Yesterday I sorted out the car (finally). Today the kids and I went to the bank and got Euros, and I got all of the administrative-y type stuff dealt with (mail holds, etc.), in addition to actually starting to physically pack our things. Tomorrow (no, for real, I promise) the plan is to get as close to done with the packing as I can, barring last-minute things like chargers and tablets and such. I'll be sure to check in here for accountability purposes. ;)

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